Current obsession, GLOW on NETFLIX.

I used to watch this when I was a kid. I remember this one match, There was Pizza eating contest. That was when I discovered people would put Pineapple on pizza, No thanks. But Alison Brie is everything. The entire cast is fantastic. I remember this being really 80’s. Meaning Big hair, skimpy clothing & Misogynistic. The stereo types were also a cause for concern. As much as I loved looking at the Gorgeous Ladies being a adolescent male, I also remember thinking how would I be looked at? As I am a product of a Bi Racial marriage. I grew up with 4 sisters. Would they be subject to the same? The same cat calls, exploitative attitudes to get ahead. I was around 8. I know it seems like allot for a kid to be thinking. I didn’t understand why i was thinking these things. I just felt that way.  I am a big advocate that the country has gotten too ” PC”.  The show was a product of its time, & I love it for that. The show captures the feeling & atmosphere without  pandering or trying to hard. I’m only 5 episodes in. Its very much for adults. With all the coke, & cursing, I Fuckin Love it.Glow

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