I have been avoiding this show since its debut in 2015. Not for any negative reason, I just wanted to wait until i felt that i had nothing to watch. From the outside looking in, It looked as though it would be Entourage with a Football skin. I dug this idea. After all, the same team responsible for Entourage are present in Ballers. I love this show. Binged it across 4 days, It really does feel like Entourage in allot of ways. I’m not a sports guy, the guest stars I wouldn’t be able to distinguish from any other extra. The show has a very fun vibe & Rob Corddry is a big part of that. The chemistry between him and Johnson is the best part of the show. Johnson has come a very long way from his Scorpion King days. I used to despise anything he was involved in. Until The Rundown came, and proved in the right hands he can be something special. Now, he doesn’t need help of any kind, He is legit fun to watch. I am a fan, A big one. The show is a success. With its 3rd season having its premiere last week, I highly recommend for some summer fun.  #Ballers #dwaynejohnson #therock #hbo #thecrashbox #thecrashboxpodcastballers-poster-1109

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