What to watch this weekend?

Middle of the summer, Its the weekend, and the conundrum that faces everyone…. What to do? If you decide to go to the Movies, which I always recommend, We have a few choices for you there.

Atomic Blonde. Based on the Graphic Novel ” The Coldest City”. I seen this film this morning. While the movie has pacing & script issues neither become problematic enough to get in the way of the film. If for some reason you do not want to see Charlize Theron beat the holy hell out of bad guys… Baby Driver, & Wonder Woman are fun, fresh & still have showings available.


If you feel the need of isolation and the only pleasing thought is to subtract your self from all human contact. Then we have a few options there as well. I just posted an article about the HBO show, Ballers. Fun, Fun, Fun show to watch. Each episode is only a half hour so it begs to be binged.


Lastly. I have just started, Ozark on Netflix. Staring Jason Bateman, & Laura Linney. I am only half way through the first episode, and HOLY FUCKIN SHIT. It was dragging a bit, then I got slapped right in the face. The show is generating allot of good buzz. The most common phrase I’ve seen associated with the show is, ” The Next Breaking Bad”. That is a bold statement. The thing is, I’ve seen that on quite a few pages. From super film buffs, to casual watchers. A financial adviser finds himself at the mercy of Mexico’s second largest drug cartel & must launder $500 Million in 5 years or him, his wife, and children will be killed. I like the direction so far. The cast is impressive. We will find out together if this is another Netflix home run.ozark-new-netflix-original-series-new-poster

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