Netflix $20 Billion Debt

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Netflix during an earnings report to the SEC ( Security & Exchange Commission) that the media steaming giant has racked up $20 Billion in debt. Most people are saying ” How the hell?”. Well, The company’s CEO Reed Hastings has stated, ” We want 50% of all content on our platform to be original “. All senior staff agree. The company has been a strong presence at various film festivals, paying top dollar for good original properties. Last year they were very interested in ” The Birth Of A Nation”, and even made a bid that dwarfed all others including the one that the filmmakers ultimately went with. While they wanted a studio release for their film, others are not shy to embrace the new platform as the future of media consumption.

Lorenzo Richelmy as Marco Polo, Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan, & Uli Latukedu as Byamba in Netflix’s cancelled Marco Polo.

With the competition from other streaming entities like Amazon & Hulu, Who each are acquiring a rich catalogue of their own. Amazon’s Manchester By The Sea was a big hit for the site last year. Netflix sets itself apart by purchasing and creating a broad, Very broad net of which they lay claim. This is inherently dangerous though. For every Stranger Things, & Orange Is The New Black, they have two that fail. Not counting the smaller projects, Shows like Marco Polo, and Sense 8 were flopped. Every season of Marco Polo, a personal favorite of mine, cost more than a season of Game Of Thrones. That is over a $100 million. Even the amazing political drama House Of Cards cost $50 million per season.



Netflix and its group of elite channel and conformity assassins are not worried and are even spending more. Knowing full well that original content is how you keep old subscribers happy, while nabbing up new ones. Thier subscriber base which stands currently at 104 million. Which is an increase of over 20% from 2016.

Peaky Blinders
Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, & Joe Cole in Peaky Blinders. Acquired by Netflix for North American distribution from BBC.

This year they are dominating the Emmy awards with an insane 91 nominations. Just shy of HBO’s record of 110. With the acquisition of Millarworld, Festival shopping, and their commitment on filling their catalogue with original experiences you are unable to find anywhere else, Netflix is doing just fine. This is not as big as a concern as it sounds. Lets see where we are 5 years from now to see if it actually pays off.

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