Millarworld acquired by Netflix


One of the most prolific writers working in the comic medium, Mark Millar has just inked a deal with Netflix to produce content based around his properties. Millar is a genius, and beloved in the geek community. The man behind some of the best, and most well liked story arcs in the modern comic era. Marvel Knights Spider Man, The Ultimates, The Authority ( Personal favorite), Ultimate Fantastic Four, & Marvel Civil War.


His own original works have garnered praise as well. Super Crooks, War Heroes, Chosen, The Unfunnies, Starlight, MPH. His works have become a hit with movie studios as well. Wanted, Kick Ass, & Kingsman: The Secret Service. Netflix has a chance to do something magicial. All these properties, these rich worlds… Are connected.

While I have not read enough of Millar’s work to understand how they tie to one another. I do understand, along with the rest of the world’s population, that connected universes are a thing. I would love to see a serialized version of Kick Ass, or especially Wanted. While I did like the film A lot. The third act of the movie didn’t do it for me. Finale not withstanding.

My hope is that, Millar stays on to help guide the ship. Weather its shows, or movies, this is a great opportunity to build a large world of their own. Netflix has a mandate to have 50% of its catalogue to be original. They are $20 Billion in debt to reach this goal ( More about that here) This is a an entire library of characters and worlds that will be now only be able to access through Netflix. They have created a platform which allows creators to flourish. No restrictions. David Ayer has praised the company stating ” They let me be a filmmaker”. This also has potential for not so great content. Warner Bros gave M. Night a lot of creative freedom and he churned out garbage after garbage. The Happening, Lady In The Water, The Last Airbender. You have to be able to reel things in if things get to outrageous.

Mark Millar at Event

Good luck Mark Millar, Netflix, & Us.

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