Walking Dead Creator Leaves AMC For Amazon

Robert Kirkman, best known for his work with cable channel AMC bringing the massive hit The Walking Dead to life on the basic cable network. A show that made AMC a legitimate powerhouse for original programming.

AMC already had a string of hits with Mad Men, & Breaking Bad. But those didn’t hit their stride until much later in they’re respective runs. The Walking Dead was an instant hit solidifying AMC’ s status as a player in the coveted Sunday evening timeslot.

That shows success however is due in large part to Robert Kirkman, & Frank Darabont. Kirkman was the creator of the comic franchise which the show is derived, & having his presence at AMC has been invaluable to the shows success and longevity.

Now, Kirkman & his company Skybound are joining Amazon’s growing list of content creators and curators. He joins Jeremy Clarkson ( Top Gear/ The Grand Tour), Julian Fellowes ( Downton Abbey), Amy Sherman-Palladino ( Gilmore Girls) as well as others.

With Netflix announcing its acquisition of Millarworld, A collection based on characters created and developed by comic legend Mark Millar ( More about that here ). This is fantastic news. This could be the missing piece to Amazon’s growing list of impressive original content.

How do Amazon & Netflix draw these talents away from powerhouses like AMC and similar established institutions? Freedom. They give the content creators the resources and autonomy to do what they wish, and it’s working.


Weather the outcome that freedom allows is a good one remains to be seen. We have some where have seen great success both critically and commercially. Transparent, The Grand Tour, Orange Is The New Black, Bosch, Stranger Things. We have also seen massive failures. Sense 8, The Get Down, The OA, Crisis In Six Scenes, Betas.


With that being said we have seen great content just not getting traction With audiences to warrant continuation. Marco Polo ( Personal Favorite), Alpha House, Hand Of God. With no restrictions, things can run rampant and get outta hand quickly. All fault will lie in the creator.


Win or lose this is another step into the future. Where creators are becoming the stars, and companies giving them the room to get busy without the worry of oversight and quotas. I see where we are heading… And I’m excited about the future.

Robert Kirkman has become comic legend. Co Owner of Image Comics. He has written iconic story arcs such as Ultimate X-Men, Fantastic Four: Foe, Marvel Zombies, Savage Dragon: God War. His own creations, The Walking Dead, & Outkast ( Co Created with Todd McFarlane) have both been adapted to television series.

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