The Weekly Movie Newscast

When I started, I did not know what the show was going to be. I know I wanted to do the box office, some news & other topics. Weather it was just arguing why I liked a particular film or series, or Denouncing elitist attitudes towards other cinephiles who do not enjoy classic cinema. If I were to put everything I wanted into a single episode it would be 3 hours long. So, I just started with the news to see were that went. It wasn’t easy, but to me it was a good starting point. From the beginning I let everyone listening know that the show would be fluid, and would be changing as things got in there groove. Segments would be added or subtracted. Music change, anything was possible.



Now I am starting to see a path where the show can go. That means creating a completely separate entry. The show you are currently accustomed to will stay as is. The content & the way it is formatted with one exception… The name. That show will now be called, Weekly Movie Newscast. No episode numbers, just a date. Like a traditional news show, Having just the date will allow newer listeners understand that they don’t have to go back and listen to the back catalog, & can listen to the latest entry without feeling like they are missing something. I do not have a name for the new show, but I am open to suggestions. That will be my forum to discuss single or multiple topics. Whatever, however I choose. This will also be a fluid process. As I see what works & what does not.

logo 2 Black

Specials will go on unchanged for the most part. I have designed a new logo, but outside of that, nothing new. Events like San Diego Comic Con ( SDCC), New York Comic Con ( NYCC), D23 ( Disney’s Convention), Cinema Con, The Academy Awards & other events, I will continue to watch or search for interesting topics to bring to a single, Special episode.

Special Black TP 2


Thank you all for the support. If you have any ideas for topics, Please Email me Here , or Follow me on any social media network & leave me a message. Smoochie Boochies.


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