Alamo Drafthouse: The Best God Damn Theatre, EVER.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
The Alamo Drafthouse on Central Avenue in Yonkers, NY. In 2014

There are movie houses with more rooms. Better chairs. Bigger screens, & Loader sound systems, together with lower prices. But, Not a single one of those holds a candle to, The Alamo Drafthouse. The enviroment is what you pay for. This is a house built for the film fan, The Cinephile.

The idea isn’t new by any stretch. Combining a movie theatre with a restaurant. The food isn’t the greatest, It’s like an Applebees. Wings, Burgers, Fries, shit like that. It does the job. Another thing that they have is a full Bar with a massive selection of beer.

Alamo Bar Over 30 or so Beers, Drafts, & Ales, from all corners of the globe. Including unique local breweries. Served before, during and after the film. You could even sit & chill after your movie and order more beer & food in a film fan friendly enviroment. This is another thing that isn’t new. Theatres have been serving alcohol for quite some time.

The theatre’s chairs, screen, & sound system are really good, But there are other theatres with better everything, With a lower price even. Everything they have there is good. Certified Sony 4K Digital projectors and screens. Dolby 7.1 surround sound in every room(  There are only one or two Atmos certified rooms), & There largest screen is just over 50ft. You see, everything is good, great even … But you can definitely go somewhere else & get a bigger screen, loader sound system, all at a cheaper price and most likely much closer to you. A typical Alamo ticket is $15 for a standerd 2D film.

This is not a theatre for family outings ( though you could do that I guess), This is the theatre for the film lover. 35mm runs of Hard Boiled, YUP! Limited screenings of Indiana Jones, Apocalypse Now, & The Godfather… Yes, Yes, & Yes. Everything is to make the film experience the best it can possibly be. To ensure that they have rules. Yes, Rules!

You arrive late to the movie? Fuck you, no entry. You have until the film starts. The ads, previews, & warnings of cell phones & talking, Your good. But once that movie starts, The door is locked. No exceptions. No children under 6 permitted. There are plenty of theatres that have ” Parent Screenings”. Where you can bring your young child, toddler or even baby to the theatre with you. The last time I checked, there is usually 1 or 2 per day. AMC, Lowes, & Multiplex Cinemas all have this service.

Now on to talking during the movie. If you are talking during the movie, & I’m not talking about quick whispers about the plot, etc. No, If you are disrupting the movie being load, & obnoxious you will be politely asked to stop. You do it again, BYE! This same rules apply to cell phones, smart watches ANYTHING that distracts others from the enjoyment of the film.

I have had arguments, always from a parent that restricting children from a theatre is not fair. If it’s a PG or G rated movie, sure. How To Train Your Dragon, Shrek, Beauty & The Beast. Anything from Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks Animation… I get that. If I were to go to see Wreak It Ralph, the Live action Cinderella or any film tailored for the younger audience and I get mad, That would be fuckin stupid, Right? What about when I pay $15/$20 for a ticket to see a movie that is rated PG-13, or R and I hear a screaming baby, or a child crying, yelling or just being disruptive, how is that fair to myself, & the rest of the paying audieance.

That is why this theatre is important to the film fan. Before you even step in the door, the rules are right where you can see them. No one gets special treatment. Not me, Not a parent, not an asshole who can’t shut the fuck up. Food, a few beers, and a great movie. No interruptions. You gotta love that.


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