Movies Anywhere. The one service you didn’t know you needed.


Weather you are a veteran of the digital movie era or a novice, The services you have to juggle through can be annoying. Ultraviolet, Itunes, Google Play etc. I only hoped on board a few years ago. Once Blu-Rays began the Ultraviolet system, which basically alowed, anytime you purchase a film on Blu-Ray, You would get a code for you to redeem a digital copy of that same film. There were some catches. Not all major movie studios were on board, not all digital video streaming services allowed you to integrate your Ultraviolet library.


Vudu, Flixster, ITunes, Google Play the list is endless. Those are just the popular options. There were tons more in the early days. Before anybody had a grasp on what service best fit them, they had multiple accounts spread out over different services, That was me. That is what kept me away for a while. Then I started noticing that apps were consolidating. More studios were getting into the Ultraviolet system. The digital movie era had become mainstream. But there were still hassles. Google Play didn’t want to join. Apple didn’t want anyone near ITunes. Disney had there own service. It was still annoying.

You couldn’t just buy one film on one platform and use it across all platforms. The promise of the cloud based streaming solution. But now you finally can. I don’t know how it happened, but I am happy as hell it finally did. My library at ITunes can finally play nice with my primary Vudu account. I can shop for movies on sale on Google Play and it will show up on my Vudu app.

Movies anywhere

This may sound like no big deal to people who primarily use only one platform. But to someone like me, who had an IPad then decided to go Android, This is paramount. I can now have all my missing movies in one spot. The films that are only on a single outlet, Like Johnnie To’s Election from 2005 is only on Amazon Prime. I couldn’t purchase it because they were not apart of the Ultraviolet group. It does not matter anymore. Anytime, Any place, Anywhere, .. Finally.

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