Crash Kam Review – Pacific Rim: Uprising

If you enjoyed the first, You’ll find this installment just as fun… If not quite as well done. Keep in mind, this film was made for an international audience.


Thumbs Up



  • The action comes fast, and stays. The camera pulls out so you can see and track whats going on.
  • John Boyega is great in the lead role. He is no Idris Elba, But he holds shit down.
  • The design, movement, and weapons of the Jaegers & Kaiju.



  • Does not feel as polished or well crafted as the first. ( But, DeKnight is following Del Toro)
  • Some of the supporting cast are cliched. ( It is the point though, I feel it takes it too far at times)
  • May be too campy for serious ” Cinephiles”



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