Ready Player One: Crash Kam Review

Thumbs Up


Most of my negative feelings toward the film stem from my inability of detaching from the book. I am going to see the film again tomorrow. Will revise accordingly. As of now, Here is my Kam Review.


UPDATE: Seen the film again at The Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime. Better prepared  with what I was about to experience, I wholeheartedly enjoyed the film much, much more. It is quintessential Spielberg at his best.


The Good:

  • There is nothing else that looks, feels, or sounds like it.
  • You could watch it 15 times and still not catch every little shout out, or reference.
  • The action is clean. Well shot and planned. Each set piece is not only filled with little nods to video games, movies, comics or the book itself, But shot in a way you see and feel every moment. Spielberg has a way of shooting his action that feels classic while experiencing something new.
  • The film wastes no time getting into the thick of the story. The film never feels like its dragging.





The Bad:

  • Film feels like it moves too fast. You never really get to know the characters very well. ( I still only half agree, there is only one part that felt was pushed a little too hard, but I still found it charming)
  • The final battle doesn’t feel epic enough. ( Update, It was fuckin epic.)


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