April Releases


April has quickly become the new start of the summer movie season. With films like the Fast/ Furious franchise, & The Jungle Book joining the Billion Dollar club, and Captain America: Winter Solider hitting nearly $800 million Worldwide, Its understandable why a studio would want to put their films there. Sure there are other big films… But it’s nowhere near as crowed as the rest of the summer release real estate.

I love me a big budget, tent pole flick. I love that the releases are getting spread out more. For people like us, we don’t have to wait for the typical summer ( May – August), To get our fill. But, there are some quality smaller films to lookout for. These are the films I am looking forward to in April.




April 6th


Never Here


You Were Never Really Here

Director: Lynne Ramsey

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix & Ekaterina Samsonov

I feel the less I know about a film going in the better. I know just enough about this movie to know that I desperately want to see it. I have not seen any film Ramsey has done before, but the trailer oozes style, darkness and brutality and I really liked the way the trailer was cut, and scored. Check it out below.

The film is about the daughter (Ekaterina Samsonov) of a prominent figure goes missing. He hires a man ( Joaquin Phoenix) to bring her home. A traumatized war veteran, Phoenix’s character specializes in the retrieving missing children, and has a reputation for being … Brutal. FUCK YES, sign me up damn it.




Also April 6th,



Quietplace 2


A Quiet Place

Director: John Krasinski

Starring: John Krasinski & Emily Blunt

I usually don’t do horror. But I have to admit, I fuckin love a good jump scare. This seems to be more than that though. Yes, a jump here or there, but this seems to have a great atmosphere, and concept behind it. I hate gimmicks, Well gimmicks that are implemented cheaply. I don’t get that vibe here though. This feels like something unique.

This will be John Krasinski’s second directing feature, He is also starring. I am not a fan of The Office, so I didn’t get the appeal of John Krasiniski. It wasn’t until I seen him in 13 Hours that I stared to understand why people are so drawn to him. He also brought in his wife, The always amazing Emily Blunt. I will watch anything she does… Well almost anything.






April 13th





Director: Brad Peyton

Starring: Dwayne ” The Rock” Johnson, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Malin Ackerman, & Naomi Harris

There is nothing I can say about The Rock that has not been said a million fuckin times before. I will say that, I fuckin hated him for a while. The dude not only grew on me, I absolutely love the dude now. That speaks to his absolutely magnetic personality, and work ethic. He also has a good eye for projects that suit him.

There is no way this movie should have me excited. The premise is based on a game I used to play waiting for a better game to open up in the Arcade. Really big monsters, destroying a city and The Rock is gonna beat their ass. He is reteaming with his San Andres director, Brad Peyton. This looks fun as hell. The action, special effects, and especially the humor. The cast is pretty brolic as well. Naomi Harris, Jeffery Dean Morgan, and Malin Ackerman. I wanna see how this turns out.




Also April 13th,




Borg vs. McEnroe

Director: Janus Metz

Starring: Shia LaBeouf & Sverrir Gudnason

I was 100% convinced this film dropped already. It wasn’t until I seen it on the release calendar that I realized it did not… Well, officially at least. The film got a lot of attention at the Toronto International Film Festival ( TIFF) and that is why I thought it was released. I was interested in the film when it was making it’s festival rounds because Shia LaBeouf is a beast when he does indie projects. The last big project I remember him doing was, Fury. And that was apart of an ensemble.

The film is about the intense rivalry between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe during the late 70’s and early 80’s. Borg being reserved and calm, while McEnroe was an explosive lunatic. Shia plays McEnroe ( How perfect is that casting), and Sverrir Gudnason ( I am never going to try to pronounce that until I hear it first). They faced each other 14 times, each player winning 7 each. There was a tie breaker but in case you don’t know about it… I am going to stay shut. I enjoy watching smaller films in between the larger films throughout the season. It’s like a palette cleanser.






April 20th




Super Troopers 2

Director: Jay Chandrasekhar ( Are you fuckin kidding me?)

Starring: The Broken Lizard Crew ( Yes, All of em)


I always wondered what a sequel to Super Troopers would look like. I originally seen the cover in Blockbuster ( I know), and thought it looked so fuckin stupid. It wasn’t until I was watching a Pay Per View channel with a hacked cable box, and the movie just started. I watched the opening, and thought it was the funniest thing I seen since Major Payne.

While I do feel the movie is 15 years too late, I’m still excited to see the crew back together, in the roles that I love them in. I didn’t love Club Dredd, and don’t even remember seeing Beerfest at all. Everyone is returning including Brain Cox ( The Chief) and Marisa Coughlin ( Female Cop, Ursula), Adding Rob Lowe & Emmanuelle Chriqui. obviously the humor will be in the same vein, even if you didn’t see the trailer just by its release date. Can’t wait.






April 27th




Avengers: Infinity War

Director: Anthony & Joe Russo



10 years in the making. 10.  FUCKIN. YEARS. There is nothing I can say that will do any justice. We all know the storylines, seen each film. Know the motivations, Beefs, relationships. It all lead to this. I am going to keep this short, because honestly… Who does not know about this movie yet? Who is not hyped about this yet?

I will say this though… The next Avengers is already shot, and done. That aspect alone has me excited as fuck to see the post credits scene.

And… They brought back the epic Alan Silvestri theme. HYPED!!!






Well everyone, those are my most anticipated for April. What are yours though? Is it identical to mine? What would you substitute? Hit me up on Instagram, Facebook, or Email all @TheCrashBox. Lemme know whats on yours.


Thanks for reading.


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