Crash Kam Review – Deadpool 2

 Thumbs Up

The Good

  • The action is clean, no jumpy cam and quick edits.
  • Cable & Domino are very welcome editions and practically steal the film.
  • Is side splitting funny


The Bad

  • The movie is side-splitting funny,, Half the time. Some jokes i didn’t find funny, just corny.
  • Other jokes went on way too long. A single joke that takes up a good two minutes? No Thanks.
  • While Deadpool makes fun of the established genre, it falls victim to it in terms of story. The story you are actually supposed to care about. As in the first, His relationship with Vanessa. Here, didn’t really give a shit.


Bottom Line

If you were a fan of the first, you will enjoy it. If you are not a fan of raunchy R Rated comedies, skip it. Even though I had a big problem with the humor being so over bearing, and half of it not being that funny, I still enjoyed it. Go See It.



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