June Releases




Ahh, June…


What most of us consider the real start to the summer, Movie fans and casual fans alike know that this is where the big hitters come out. Every weekend for two and a half months we get a top-tier, big budget film. Weather each weekend is worth your dollar is another story.

These are my picks for the films being released in June that I’m most looking forward to. Some may be big, some may be small. Who am I kidding, most are big. I am a fan of the bombastic, and visual style that summer tent pole films bring, and I am not ashamed to admit that. Lets see what we are working with the start of this summer season.





June 1st

Action Point


Action Point poster


From the creators and stars of Jackass comes this unique hybrid of story and stunt work. The Jackass films have always proven to be a success, but I have a feeling Johnny Knoxville and camp knew they had to evolve. Knoxville has played with this format already with Bad Grandpa. It wasn’t his greatest achievement.

I think after seeing the trailer to Action Point what I felt was missing from Bad Grandpa was the rest of the crew. I really like Johnny Knoxville, I even enjoy him as an actor. But he is truly at his best when he is surrounded by his Jackass crew, which are returning for this project. I think it looks hilarious.





Upgrade Poster


Logan Marshall Green is a solider who gets so badly wounded the only way to save him is through experimental means. A computer working in conjunction with his brain allowing for super human speed and strength. The computer is a sophisticated AI ( Artificial Intelligence) that actually speaks to his character. If that sounds familiar, it is because Venom, The new film with Tom Hardy is using this same method in its film.

I seen this trailer before the Venom trailer, and if I am comparing, I find its use here preferable to Venom. I like the banter the AI and Green’s character exchange. The action feels well done. This is coming from Blumhouse, seeing an action film from that camp is refreshing. They are usually a camp that puts out low-budget, but unique and well done horror films. If this is successful, which I hope it is, We could see other smaller action titles from Blumhouse. I hope this catches on.







June 8th

Oceans 8



Oceans 8


I can not explain how excited I am for this film. I loved the 2001- 2007 trilogy and this seems like the perfect way to continue the story. What made the 2001 version work so well is the chemistry with its cast members. They took the best of what Hollywood had to offer mixing them with lesser known actors but that are equally talented and produced a smart, sexy film that turned out just as good as the cast that embodied the characters.

We see the same template here. Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, & Helena Bonham Carter mixing them with Awkwafina ( I swear that is her name and how its spelt), Jaime King, and others. The story, well Mark is the MET Gala in NYC, I think is brilliant. You don’t need to be in Hollywood, Fashion or from NYC to know how extravagant and decadent this event is.

More than any other film this June, this is the one I’m looking most forward to.



Hotel Artemis






I was hesitant putting this film on the list. Not that it didn’t look good enough, No. Only because Jodie Foster is in the film. Yes, I am still pissed with her with the shit she was talking about comic book films destroying the movie industry. It’s funny that she said that, and her being in this film that feels derivative of John Wick. But, Fuck that. This looks like a fun time. The cast is impressive, Sterling K Brown, Jodie Foster, Sofia Boutella, Dave Bautista, Jeff Goldblum, Charlie Day, and Zachary Quinto. Jesus Christ.

The story revolves around a Safe Haven/ Hospital for the criminal underworld called Hotel Artemis. No violence is allowed on premises ( sound familiar?). But when a high value target/ artifact gets housed in the hotel, All hell breaks loose. Even if the film’s story is ” Inspired” by John Wick’s Continental Hotel, I still think it looks like fun. So I will check it out. I mean, The cast alone is at least worth a peek.



Won’t You Be My Neighbor


Wont you be my neighbor


Growing up in the 90’s NYC, The Bronx specifically, Whenever someone was acting like a goodie two shoes, the rest of the country/ World would call them a boy scout, We called them Mr. Rodgers. I know most of the people in or around my age, Younger and older grew up on Mr. Rodgers. I remember his voice, His lessons about manners and respect, and his sweaters.

This is a documentary both honoring the great man, and telling the story on how he rose to prominence. When others shied away from telling children about death, racism, and all the drama that era’s culture were experiencing, He didn’t. He embraced it. Eloquently explaining things to children in a way that made them understand and feel safe even though things around them weren’t.

This looks like a beautiful film. And in the middle of all the bullets, explosions, and car chases, we should all take the time to check this one out.







June 15th


Incredobles 2


Yes after 14 fuckin years we finally have a sequel. The sequel we have been begging Disney and Pixar for, for the past 14 years. They gave a sequal to Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Cars, but not to the film we are actually asking for? The only film in Pixar’s history to actually leave off with an ending open to a sequal. Well… No more bitching. No more complaining. We have it, and for better or worse its dropping on the 15th.

I don’t believe it’s going to be bad though. Brad Bird who directed the original didn’t want to do a sequel for the sake of money. He wanted to make sure he had the right idea before they moved forward. Lets not forget too that from the moment the script is finished and they have everything story boarded out. It takes about 3 to 4 years to finish the films animation.

I am excited as fuck. If it was not for Oceans 8, This would have been in the top spot for most anticipated of June.







June 22nd

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom




Nobody expected Jurassic World to do the amount of business it did when it dropped in 2015. Yeah, they wanted it to do well, But break the opening weekend record that The Avengers set just 3 years prior? Opening to over $200 million? Grossing over $1.6 Billion worldwide? Even the highest of expectations didn’t having it going there. It did though. I saw the film 3 times in theatres, and while there are people who thought it was cool, other s thought it sucked, I was in the camp that ” HOLY FUCKIN SHIT A VELOCIRAPTOR AND T-REX ARE TAG TEAMING ANOTHER DINOSAUR!!!”. I thought the film was badass.

This though? It looks kinda corny. Not that the first was There Will Be Blood, But I liked the premise. The park was open. We havent seen that before. This we have seen. The Lost World: Jurassic Park. The sequel to the first film. It took me years to see it. Seeing it only a few years ago. I thought it was cool, not great, but cool. I am getting the same exact vibe here. With that being said the film still looks fun as hell. I love Dinosaurs, I love Jurassic Park and World. So I am gonna be rooting for this one. Lets just hope nobody tries to out run a Dinosaur in heels.







June 29th

Sicario: Day Of The Soldado





When I first seen Sicario, I thought it was ok. I didn’t get the hype for it at first. Actually, I still don’t. After I seen it a few times, I enjoy it much more, But still feels like an action movie that goes direct to digital. Meaning the trailer suggests one thing, then when you watch it, There are long periods of dialogue, and the action parts are what you see in the trailer.

Yes I know Sicario was not meant or billed as an action movie. I just feel the film would have been better served with a small shootout. Nothing unrealistic, just a simple one. This though, I feel I am finally getting what I wanted with the first Sicario. Tyler Sheridan is returning to write. Most of the cast members are returning, With exception to Emily Blunt. I am happy with that. I do not think her character would allow the bloodshed I want to happen.

I wished they kept the simplified title. The studio under estimates their audience. It went from being Soldado ( The title I like), To Sicario 2: Soldado ( Ehhh, but Ok), To now Sicario: Day Of The Soldado. It is annoying. But as long as the film is good, You could this shit My Little Pony: I Run This Muthafucka and I will still be happy.







Well, that was my list. But what is on yours? Are you excited to see any of these films? Is there something you think i should have included? Hit me up on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat @thecrashbox. Or throw me an email Thecrashbox@gmail.com and sound off on what you think.


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