Crash Kam Review – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Thumbs Up

The Good

  • The action was well shot.
  • The imagery is absolutely gorgeous.
  • Out of every Star Wars film, this feels the closest to a real living place. Like it could actually exist.
  • Han & Chewie’s relationship and banter.
  • The nods to canon were for the most part subtle, but the big ones landed well.
  • The humor.

The Bad

  • Allot of the acting feels flat
  • Some of the key things that we associate with Han – His name, Jacket, His weapon… Are hit and miss on its origin.
  • While most of the action was well shot, There are moments where it zooms in and out of shaky, close cam. It can be disorienting and hard to follow.

Bottom Line

It was not as good as I wanted. That does pain me to say. But I had fun. I laughed, Cheered, I ” Oh Shit” ‘ed. It was a fun experience. The biggest problem I had with the film was the acting. It wasnt bad, It just felt flat. No passion. That was really half the time. I still think this is a film worth spending your cash on.


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