Crash Kam Review – Upgrade

Thumbs Up

The Good:

  • The action. You are seeing this for that reason only. It is well worth it.
  • This is a low budget action film, which is usually not a good thing. Since almost all the action is hand to hand fighting the director uses the budget to flesh out the world to great effect.
  • The violence. Neck wounds, Heads blown of. Yeah… Its fun.
  • Logan Marshall Green is a good actor. He sells the shit out of his characters limitations, and emotions.

The Bad:

  • I did not like were the story ended. If this is a story they wish to continue, I am not looking forward to it.
  • The story points and character motivations are almost laughable they are so bad.
  • The acting. Where Logan did his thing. There are maybe 1 or 2 more that did they’re job. Everyone else is as bad as their characters motivation.

Bottom Line:

I am an action movie guy. I dig the fighting scenes and a few other of their small set pieces. It doesn’t feel that much like a low budget feature. It is fun, but I am not on board with the ending. Check it out.


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