July Releases






The former big swinging dick of the summer movie season with flicks like Independence Day, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters the list goes on and on. Breaking box office records, breaking conventions of established genre confines. July was the absolute king of the summer movie season. Being that school is out, maximizing the potential box office return.

Recently though, Movies like The Avengers, Avatar and Star Wars. Even animated juggernauts Shrek, Toy Story, Frozen all released outside of July.  It still holds weight, but not quite as much as it used to. These are the titles dropping this month that I’m looking forward to.




July 4th,

The First Purge


Purge Man 2


I did not like the original Purge, but I loved the concept. Once a year, all crime is legal? Even murder? Awesome. The second one I thought was the best one. I loved that we were able to see it from a level we could identify with. The character played by Frank Grillo was my favorite. He was pretty much The Punisher. The same character that they fucked up in Election Year.

We get back to basics here. They stripped it down to its core, and went back to the beginning. I loved how they framed it as an American Tradition. Something no other country can understand. Like the 4th of July. Yes, there are other countries that celebrate their version Independence Day, But in America its woven into the fabric of who we are. That is the idea behind The First Purge. And the studio is releasing it on The 4th of July weekend. Awesome.

I am not a huge horror dude, but I like this. It feels a lot more Purge Anarchy ( The second one), Than The Purge or Election Year ( The third).






July 6th

Ant-man & The Wasp




I genuinely thought the first Ant-man was going to be Marvel’s first flop. It’s first misstep. To me there was potential in Guardians, It’s The Avengers meets Star Wars There was even potential in Doctor Strange. A magician in the MCU? The imagery there could be insane. But Ant-man? Fuckin Ant-man? The name alone I could not get past. It sounded so fuckin stupid. When it dropped though… It was great. What Marvel does extremely well, is taking basic movie concepts and adding their own stories, heroes, and villains to it. With Ant-man they took the concept of the Heist film.


Antman 1


The first Ant-man was a great. The way they worked the heist angle into the framework of an offbeat superhero origin story was a big risk that ended up paying off, It made $519 million Worldwide. This Ant-man works in the heist angle from a different point of view. It also has the benefit of the gorgeous Evangeline Lily as The Wasp. The trailers and marketing have been playing up the partnership angle a lot.


Evengekline Lily


This will be the first film after the events of Infinity War. Even though this is taking place right after Captain America: Civil War, I along with the rest of the world are very eager to see what the after credits scene is. The next film in the MCU is not due until March 8 2019, with Captain Marvel. So this will have to give us something to tide us over.




Sorry To Bother You


Sorry 1


This looks like a fun, small indie comedy that’s perfect palette cleanser for this time of the year, when it seems we are bombarded with Blockbuster after Blockbuster. It has been getting a rather strong marketing push. I have been seeing trailers for this for at least the past month and a half. Instagram, YouTube, and even my local theatre. The film is about a young man who becomes a telemarketer out of desperation looking for work. Turns out, he’s really fuckin good at it.




The cast is impressive. Lakeith Smith from Atlanta. Tessa Thompson from my top 5 list. Armie Hammer ( Social Network, Lone Ranger), Omari Hardwick ( Power), Steven Yuen ( Walking Dead), Terry Crews, Patton Oswalt even Danny Fuckin Glover. Looks funny as hell.








July 13th



Skyscraper 1


I am not gonna say much about this film. The trailer i sen gave away the entire fuckin movie. I don’t get why. I know the studios send out the footage to a trailer house to cut and score the trailer. But if we the masses could tell that there is too much of the movie in there… Shouldnt you? A fuckin professional? It also has Neve Campbell. So I guess that’s something.





Shock And Awe




I love investigating reporting films. State Of Play, Good Night and Good Luck, Zodiac, and my absolute favorite, Frost/Nixon. Shock and Awe falls in to line with all of the above. Taking place a during the start of the invasion into Iraq. A group of journalists believe that the Bush Administration are lying about the reasoning behind the invasion.

James Marsden, Woody Harrelson, Jessica Biel, Mila Jovovich, Tommy Lee Jones, and Rob Reiner who is also directing. I hope this is as good as the trailer.






July 20th

Equalizer 2



The first Equalizer was not that bad. I enjoyed it. I think it was the fact it utilized it’s R Rating to full effect. I have grown to have a strong respect for its director  Antoine Fuqua. I always remembered his name from The Replacement Killers. I had a big obsession with John Woo and Chow Yun Fat during that time. Since then though, He has had this unique way with his films. No matter what it is, he has not made a bad film. Maybe not perfect, but certainly not bad. I don’t remember Bait that well, But, King Arthur was to me his low point and i dont find it that horrible. The director’s cut, Not the PG- 13 garbage the studio forced him to put out.

This is his wheelhouse though. The first Equalizer was good, This looks like its gonna get into the action much faster. Please let there be a car chase in this one.



Unfriended: Dark Web




This looks fuckin crazy. I still haven’t seen the first Unfriended. I thought the premise was cool though. This looks and feels like the idea fully realized. Some kid sees a high-end computer in the lost and found at his job, Nobody claims it. He takes it home, and when he opens it up… He sees what most of us think the Dark Web is all about. Torture, Rape, Murder. He sees all of these videos, and then someone hits him up saying, Yo, you have my computer. Then everyone’s worst nightmare about going on the Dark Web happens.

I am definitely going to see this in the theatre. Like i always say, I’m not big into horror. But I love a unique idea, especially one that hits so close to our own fears. Something that can happen accidentally, Something that can actually happen.







July 27th

Mission: Impossible – Fallout


MI6 Motorcycle 2


I don’t give a fuck, I love Tom Cruise. The dude is a loon, I am not arguing that fact, But man can he make a great action film. Out of all his great action movies, Top Gun, Edge Of Tomorrow, Jack Reacher, Minority Report… The Mission: Impossible films are his high-end. You can say you do not like part 2, I get that. But, I am a John Woo fan… And I love it.


The thing is though, This franchise isn’t losing steam. It is getting better. The first one blended Noir with action, Unheard of at that time. The second went the Hong Kong action route. The third, due to Bourne, Went grittier and harder. The fourth and fifth had these incredible action set pieces, but then added a great sense of humor to it led by the great Simon Pegg.




This is going to be the first time a director has directed to films in the franchise. The one thing I liked best about the Mission: Impossible series is that each film felt different from the other. I was extremely worried that having  Christopher Mcquarrie return was going to have a bad impact on the franchise. I felt the only reason the studio and Cruise were brining him back, was due to Rogue Nation being the best film in the franchise.Mcquire wrote the Rogue Nation. While filming, He had this great idea for the next film. He discussed it with Tom and they decided to do it.

The other thing I love about this franchise, Is that Tom Cruise hasnt ran it into the grounded with so many sequels. Look at the Furious franchise. Since debuting in 2001, In 17 years has seen 8 films with 2 more on the way. Mission: Impossible since 1996, 22 years, only 6. Tom does not want to do a M:I film unless it will be better than the last. I respect the fuck outta that. But Tom, How many other stunts does your crazy ass got left to come up with?







That is my list. What the fuck do you have on yours? Hit me at Thecrashbox@gmail.com or follow the links for my Instagram or Twitter.  Lata Gatas.




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