Crash Kam Review: Ant-Man & The Wasp

Thumbs Up


The Good:

  • Just like the first, It’s the humor. Paul Rudd is a funny dude, and his relationship with Michael Douglas is hilarious.
  • Evangeline Lily as Wasp is now my favorite female character in the MCU. She is a fuckin badass.
  • Car Chases. This is a soft spot for me, I love car chases in film. I love the way they introduce Pym particles ( Shrinking/ Growing) into it. Giving it its own unique flair, Adding a really cool fun accent on a great film tradition.
  • The creativity. The way they introduce the Pym particles ( Shrinking/ Growing) to a lot of different things in everyday life. Turning them into a weapon, or tool. Create a passage or block one. Salt shaker, Pez dispenser. Seriously, it’s awesome.
  • The action is top-notch. The shots are clean. The fight scenes are amazing. Another thing they introduce the Pym particles to that make already great fighting sequences, its own unique look and feel. This can only exist in Ant-man. Watching Hope/ Wasp ( Evangeline Lily) Break jaws and bust asses with fuckin ease and style. All the while shirking and growing in between.
  • The scenes with his daughter are fuckin adorable. Not over done or corny, Perfect.



Antman Daughter.png



The Bad:

  • Trying to reuse things that worked well in the first one, and trying to replicate them here. I know your adding a different spin on it, but it doesn’t always work.
  • If yo thought the first one was racially insensitive because of ” stereotypes” you are not going to like this one. ( I personally didn’t feel that way. i thought there jokes were kinda funny)
  • The villain was cool at first, and kinda got lame and predictable towards the end.
  • Seen the post credits scene coming. From a looooooong way too.



Antman Pez



Bottom Line:

Go See It!!!

Its funny, and it has heart. This is just as funny as Thor Ragnarök, but in a different way. While Thor was trying to be a comedy, this is naturally funny. The creativity with Shrinking/ Growing, The action and the chemistry with the cast. It all makes for Marvel’s unique off- beat superhero films. I’m going again.


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